The Eternal Sea

I stand in the middle of an open sea,

Wondering no soul around, why only me,

I see the waves starting from me,

I see the waves ending in me.

Photo by YUCAR FotoGrafik on Unsplash

Waves becoming more restless,

every second I stand.

Is this a sign,

what is it that I need to understand?

The water is unclear,

and waves are more furious.

My heart beats faster like the end is near,

this whole simulation seems to be spurious.

Photo by Kovah on Unsplash

Thinking more, thinking wide

I do, as everything starts to tremble.

Nothing to figure out, Nothing on my side.

My mind starts to dissemble.

A mammoth wave I witness,

fog and just fog occupy the nimbus,

It hits me like a brick to a paper wall,

it make me drown, and perpetually fall.

Feeling the eternity drowning with me,

I become calm,

I just simply agree.

Closing my eyes,

surrendering to the lines on my palm.

Photo by Claudio Büttler on Unsplash

Everything comes to a still,

silence slaughters the chaos like a stealth kill,

I open my eyes, thankful that it stopped and averted,

Standing back in the middle of open sea, where I started.



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Vineeth S Kuduvalli

Hey! Motivation is the key to unlock the impossible , I love to inspire and motivate people, because if you give motivation, you get motivation.